Hotel Accommodation

Are you looking for a hotel, a guest house, a private accommodation, or a boarding house for your stay in Munich?


Messe Munich has arranged for an on-line hotel reservation which can also be used for the CLEO®/Europe-IQEC 2007 participants at:


The Hotel Guide of the Munich Trade Fairs offers you a large variety of accommodation possibilities for a pleasant stay. Whether near the New Munich Trade Fair grounds, the M,O,C, or the International Congress Center ICM, centrally located and in the middle of the nightlife of Munich's trendy neighbourhoods or close to the mountains with a high recreation value - here you will find a comprehensive offer of accommodation in and around Munich as well as in the alpine upland - meeting your personal criteria.


Hotels can be directly searched and booked via the Hotel Directory.


Hotels, pensions, appartments or youth hostels in Munich can also be found at:


Considering the large number of attendants to the exhibition, running in conjunction with the conference, we recommend to make your hotel reservation as soon as possible.


A list of moderately priced housing in Munich and around the Messe München has been compiled by the local chair for the convenience of young conference participants. It can be found on the local website and additionally contains detailed information on the public transportation from each hotel to the conference site.


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