Postdeadline Paper Submissions

The European Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics and the International Quantum Electronics Conference will provide a forum for new ideas in a wide range of laser and electro-optics disciplines.

Authors are encouraged to submit postdeadline papers to CLEO®/Europe-IQEC 2007. The purpose of postdeadline papers will be to give conference participants the opportunity to hear new and significant results in rapidly advancing areas. Papers should be submitted to only one conference. Only those papers judged to be truly excellent and compelling in their timeliness will be accepted for presentation in a limited number of postdeadline sessions.
Authors must obtain appropriate approval to have their paper reviewed by and presented to an international audience.

Mode of presentation: Oral only.

Deadline for the submissions: 25 April 2007

Absolutely no papers received after this deadline will be considered by the Programme Committee. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

The postdeadline papers are scheduled for presentation on Thursday pm 21 June 2007.

Authors will be notified whether their papers have been accepted by
30 May 2007. Notification will be sent to the corresponding author as listed on the electronic submission form.

Authors are requested to:
1) Electronically submit their paper in the Postdeadline Call for Papers (to be found at the bottom of the screen):
a submission form, a 35-word abstract and a one page summary in pdf format at

2) Email a copy of the one page summary in PDF format with the copyright form(.pdf or .doc) to EPS office at

Required documents:

1. A 35-word abstract in ASCII text
The use of scientific and engineering symbols and acronyms is not permitted. More than 35 word-abstract will not be accepted.

2. A single page summary in pdf format (less than 1 Mb)
Please follow the following layout recommendations
- paper size: A4 (210mm X 297mm); material formatted for 8 ½” x 11” paper will be converted to A4
- margins: left & right = 20mm, top = 37mm, bottom = 19mm
- format: Acrobat (*.pdf) file
- title: use 14pt Times bold letters centred on the page
- Authors should be listed either grouped by affiliation, or otherwise with their affiliations clearly indicated through the use of appropriate superscripts. See the template provided for an example (Template1 / Template2).
- text fonts: use only 10pt Times (roman, bold or italic) symbols
- include equations, drawings, figures and references within the one page limit
- avoid asterisks, acknowledgements, job descriptions or footnotes
- cite references at the end of the summary (maximum of two)
- do not add any page number

Directives for the electronic submission:

1. Creation of an account in order to log on.
You need to create an account in order to log on. This account can then be
used for all further papers you may register.

As soon as you have registered in order to obtain an account you will receive an email giving you your username and password which will allow you to
electronically send your submission. The person who registers will be
considered as the “corresponding author” and all further correspondence will
only be sent to him/her.

2. Log on with your username and password.

3. Add a paper (also to be used for the first submission of a paper).
Please type in the title of the paper, the topical area; in case the pre-selected type of presentation (oral or poster) is not appropriate, tick one of the other options (poster only or invited in case you were formally pre-invited). Include your 35-word abstract and the one page summary. Submit data.

4. Authors’ list
Submit all the authors’ information and add as many authors as required.
The corresponding author is entirely responsible for entering the full and correct list of all the authors. EPS will not make any change.
The corresponding author is automatically entered as the first author. This can be modified (green mark).

The corresponding author is authorized to bring any change (single page summary, 35-word abstract, list of authors) until the 25 April 2007. After that deadline the review process will begin and no change can any longer be brought.

These recommendations are intended to avoid technical problems in the transferral of your paper to the conference digest. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in papers being returned to authors. Please note that the EPS will not manipulate or edit papers.
Since postdeadline papers are selected on the basis of the summary, it should convey the original results in a succinct manner rather than describe the research topic.

Any of the following conditions may result in rejection of a paper:
- failure to submit the paper by the deadline date
- failure to complete the required fields on the web based submission form
- failure to follow the compulsory layout recommendations (a 35-word abstract without scientific signs, a single page summary in pdf format)
- failure to send the copyright form.

The given password can be changed: Go to “My profile” and click on “Edit”, change your password and then click on “Submit data”.
Click on “My paper list” to view the complete list of your submitted papers. Any change can be brought up to 25 April 2007 .

Please take care of the following hints when submitting online:

Do not use capital words in the author names or the title (except for common acronyms).
Do not write PETER SMITH but Peter Smith
Do not write EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, Mulhouse, FRANCE but European Physical Society, Mulhouse, France
However write C.N.R.S.

Be sure to not exchange the first name and the surname. Otherwise you will be listed by your first name in the author index.

Do not state academic titles.


• Submit all the authors’ information and add as many authors as required.
The system will not allow the conference organiser to make any change and the person registering the submission is entirely responsible for entering the full and correct list of all the authors.

The abstract text is limited to 35 words.

You need to upload a single page abstract in PDF format (less than 1 Mb). This extended version of the abstract will be included in the conference CD.

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